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Firearm Restorations

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There is a nasty myth in the firearms community, especially the firearms collectors community, that by restoring a firearm you actually detract from its value. There are thoughts that firearm finishes and technics of the original craftsmanship that is so prevalent in many older firearms cannot be duplicated. There are some collectors that truly believe a firearm in any condition is better than a restored firearm and that it is disrespectful to disturb the work of the original craftsman. 

When someone asks if restoration will de-value their firearm we gently remind them that some of the most important pieces of history have and continue to undergo restoration efforts. Vast studies and research have been published on how people of long ago did certain things and the processes involved. The Washington Monument, the Declaration of Independence, the Star Spangled Banner are among the most important items of our history that have been and continue to be restored. Preserving history takes work that only a skilled craftsman can perform. 

We would hope that the gunmakers of long ago would be proud to see the efforts put into restoring these firearms for future generations. The professionals here at Precision Firearms are proud to carry on the great traditions of gunmakers from long ago.


To restore or not restore is always a difficult question and one that we talk bout often with customers. We want to help our customers understand all the ins and outs of firearm restoration to allow them to make an easier decision about what is right for them and their particular project. Here are some questions we cover when trying to help the customer arrive at a logical decision.


What condition is your firearm in currently. If it is already in pretty good condition then we would advise

leaving it alone, even if there are a few scratches or blemishes here and there. You must remember these

scratches are story that the firearm is telling you. On the other hand if the firearm is not functioning and/or

missing important parts we may decline the restoration due to the cost of a full restoration. Somethings just

are not worth restoring.


Does the firearm have provenance or historical importance? Can you prove it with proper documentation? If so, its more than likely best to just leave it alone. The only time we will take on a restoration of a significantly valuable historic firearm is if the firearm is missing important parts or was repaired at some point along it's life with incorrect parts, we would do a partial restoration to bring it back to its original configuration. 


Is the firearm unique or rare? Is it all original? If so then again, we would advise leaving it alone. Let the condition of the firearm tell it's story if you will. However if the firearm has been repaired with incorrect parts or altered with incorrect processes, it may be worth restoring back to it's original configuration.

Investment Or Sentiment

Will the cost of the restoration exceed the value of the firearm itself? If so then it is up to you to determine how much value you place on the sentiment of a particular piece. If the firearm has a lot of personal sentiment then you may still choose to restore it.

Lifetime Of Firearm

Do you intend to pass the firearm on to a member of your family or perhaps a friend? A restoration may be in your best interest as it will improve functionality and condition, effectively resetting the clock on the life of your firearm.

We hope this helps anyone get a good idea of whether or not restoration is a good idea in their particular case. If not, at least you can prepare yourself for a conversation with the experts here at Precision Firearms about whether or not it is prudent to restore your firearm. Call us today or you can fill out the Contact Us form to get your quote started. We look forward to helping you achiever Peace through Precision!

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Precision Firearms is dedicated to the preservation of early gunmakers craftsmanship by meticulously restoring firearms to their original or, in some cases, better condition. Firearm restoration, when done properly, takes the patience, knowledge, craftsmanship and attention to detail that we here at Precision Firearms have been honing on a daily basis for over 10 years. A properly restored firearm can bring back cherished memories and connect us with the past all while preserving important pieces of history.

Request a quote today to get your restoration project started, or read on to learn more.

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