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Precision Firearms is proud to partner with Thunderbolt Firearms Training for your firearm training needs!

About Thunderbolt Firearms Training

Owner, Dick Berman,  specializes in self-defense firearms training. Thirty years as a firearms instructor have convinced Dick that technique and mindset are everything when it comes to defensive pistol shooting. Call Dick, or better yet, stop by the store to discuss your training needs and get straight answers to your questions.


Defensive training starts with emphasizing firearm safety and then progresses to the following:

  1. Understanding the basic mechanics of your firearm;

  2. Knowing how the body and mind interact to learn a new motor skill;

  3. Knowing how the body’s ability to perform a motor skill under stress is impacted by the body's natural defensive reactions to the threat of deadly force and fear of loss of life or serious injury;

  4. Understanding the importance of training your body to respond perfectly each time through muscle memory while under extreme stress.

Unlike most educators, Dick does not believe that there are 'no stupid questions'. He has heard more than his share of them teaching firearms. He believes that large classes inhibit people from asking what they believe to be 'stupid questions'. He engenders a collegiate round-table atmosphere in a smaller classroom setting of 2 - 4 people and encourages students to ask those questions so that he can respond with the answers.

Check out Thunderbolt Firearms Training's website for more info.

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