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Taurus Announces G3C Pistol

Updated: Jul 4, 2020


To provide longer wear resistance and better corrosion protection from environmental conditions, the G3c slide is treated with a proven Tenifer finish ‐ delivering more robust surface integrity to minimize scuffing and maximize corrosion resistance. In addition, all operational controls benefit from a black Teflon coating which provides corrosion and rust resistance as well as a reduced friction coefficient that offers smoother operation.


An ergonomic grip profile ‐ with its expertly contoured palm swell, highly textured grip panels, memory pads for precise, repeatable finger/hand placement, and sculpted extended base plate ‐ provides a glove‐like fit for most shooters' hands to better promote accuracy and firearm retention. For enhanced performance, scallops are included with the G3c magazine extension. These are designed to assist in tactical magazine changes should dust or grit prevent the magazine from dropping freely when depressing the mag release. The G3c comes standard with three 12‐round magazines or three 10‐round magazines. Fifteen‐ and 17‐round G3c magazines will also be available for customers who desire even higher capacity.


Engineered for accuracy‐enhancing performance,the upgraded G3c trigger has an exceptionally crisp break to reduce shot disturbance and to help tighten groups. A redesigned flat trigger face concentrates finger pressure on the front of the shoe for a straighter pull while a shorter trigger reset delivers quicker follow‐up shots, reduces sight alignment disturbance, and minimizes the tendency to jerk the trigger.


Designed to withstand the rigors of everyday carry, the G3c comes standard with all‐steel front and rear sights. The rear sight is serrated to reduce glare and quicken sight picture acquisition, while drift adjustability allows the shooter to fine‐tune the point‐of‐impact. The rear sight dovetail is also cut to dimensions which accept the most common aftermarket fiber‐optic or tritium night sights available.


Standard rear serrations are now accompanied by serrations at the front of the slide to provide a more tactile surface area for a more positive grip ‐ making slide manipulation and press checks easier regardless of operating style or hand size. A visual chamber indicator replaces the mechanical indicator found on the Taurus® G2c, reducing parts and streamlining the slide profile.

Inventory is on the way!! We expect our order to start rolling in towards the end of July. Call or email us today to pre-order yours as they will be pretty limited in the beginning. At a retail price of $305.74 we don't expect to be able to keep them in stock.

Don't wait til' it's too late!

Peace through Precision

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