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$50 per person per session

All Levels Beginner To Advanced


$90 per person if coming as a couple or with a friend

Sessions are 1.5 hours 

Call to setup session (912) 257-5310

**Compare with other one on one sessions in the Savannah area... $50 for a half hour.

This course is tailored to the individual student based on your skill level. We work with you and design a program to address your individual needs. This program is designed to bridge the gap between your skill set coming out of Basics of Pistol, making you ready to go into our defensive/personal protection courses. This course is held entirely on the range, and will involve a heavy dose of live fire drills and exercises. A participant can expect to fire approximately 100 rounds for this course . We will build on the Lessons of Basics of Pistol Shooting and/or experience that you may bring to the class from another source. This class is a great option whether you want to get better at target shooting skills or learn new tactical shooting drills. You will leave the one on one session with a written evaluation with details of what we worked on and what you need to continue to work on. 

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